Our Providers

In 2007, Valley ENT was formed as the result of the merging of 7 Otolaryngology practices and 14 physicians from the entire Phoenix metropolitan area. In subsequent years, additional practices and physicians have joined the practice which now has 36 Board Certified Otolaryngologists and 2 Board Certified Allergists/Immunologists practicing at 18 locations throughout the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.

The physicians of Valley ENT provide otolaryngology care for disorders across the entire spectrum of ENT medicine and surgery including pediatrics, ear disorders, hearing loss, dizziness, nasal and sinus conditions, allergy conditions, tonsil and adenoid problems, oral and throat cancer, sleep apnea, voice disorders, thyroid diseases as well as facial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Valley ENT also has a full staff of audiologists with advanced degrees at the Masters or Doctorate level to assist the physicians in the evaluation of hearing and balance disorders. If necessary, our audiologists will also help the patient select the proper hearing aid to rehabilitate the patients hearing loss.

Some of our physicians also have added subspecialty training in the areas of ear surgery, voice disorders and facial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. No matter what the ear, nose and throat problem, the physicians and providers of Valley ENT can take care of the problem with expertise and caring. With 19 locations throughout the state, there is a Valley ENT office located to serve every patient's needs.