SINUVA Sinus Implant

SINUVA Sinus Implant - About

Nasal polyps are inflammatory growths along the lining of nasal passages or sinuses that can cause nasal congestion, infections and loss of sense of smell. Some people with chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps return to their ENT specialist with symptoms within the first year following initial treatment. The SINUVA™ sinus implant is a new targeted approach to treating recurrent nasal polyp disease in patients who have had previous ethmoid sinus surgery. Placed during a routine physician oce visit, SINUVA expands into the sinus cavity and delivers an anti-inflammatory steroid (mometasone furoate) directly to the site of polyp disease for 90 days.

SINUVA Sinus Implant - Diagnosis

SINUVA is designed for adults who have had previous ethmoid sinus surgery and are suffering from recurring nasal polyps that block the sinus passages

SINUVA Sinus Implant - Treatment

SINUVA is placed during a routine office visit and doesn't require a trip to the operating room. It is designed to provide a less invasive treatment option for patients who have previously undergone sinus surgery, yet suffer from recurrent sinus obstruction. SINUVA is delivered through the nasal opening and opens into the polyp filled sinus cavity. It then gradually delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the polyps over a 90 day period. Once in place the implant can usually not be felt. As the implant softens and polyps decrease, the implant may be expelled out of the nose on its own or with actions such as sneezing or forceful nose blowing. The implant can be removed 90 days after placement or earlier at the physician's discretion.

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